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Problem onboard. Are you the first to know?

Providing 7 star service and ensuring guests enjoy their luxurious surroundings is important to the success of every charter and doing all you can to make sure you are notified of any problems before a guest finds the fault is paramount.

VesselWatch integrates with all your vessel’s systems. Sending swift, discreet notifications keeping you in total control wherever you are; including alarms, crew call alerts, network monitoring and more.

Onboard your vessel during charter or carrying out daily tasks, you’ll be aware of all that is happening; making sure as soon as a problem arises a suitable person is on hand ready to respond.

Having this standard of super-tech integration gives owners or hosts peace of mind, knowing that their standards of offering a seven-star service will be maintained at all times.

Multiple ways to monitor your IP connections onboard.


Having the abilty to solve issues that occur onboard, before it impacts a guests experience is invaluable. VesselWatch acts as a listener for PRTG, and immediately sends an alarm to your two-way radio when an IP device goes offline. Therefore the next time the Sky Box loses connection you can fix the issue before guests realise they could miss out on their favourite TV shows.


On the onboard network, there are many IP devices that are key to the smooth running of the vessel. These need to be monitored to ensure dropped connections are solved as quickly as possible to ensure the vessel is not compromised. The VesselWatch PING application allows you to input a list of IP addresses that you need to monitor, which will trigger an alarm to your two-way radio if the connection drops.

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